Daily Sudoku

Sudoku Resources

Sudoku has been around since 1979 and has been widely spread as one of the most addictive and educational game. It not only trains your brain, and also helps develop out-of-the-box thinking. Below are some of the resource that will provide the basics of Sudoku and games you can play online.

Wiki Sudoku

Sudoku Strategy

Sudoku Essential

Printable Sudoku

The Logic of Sudoku

Web Sudoku

ESL Resource

English, one of the most used language of all, is and will continue to be the main language that the world uses to communicate. Below are some of the resources for kids to learn English in an interactive way.

About ESL


English 4 kids

4 Kids ESL

ESL Kids World

Monkey Tree Hong Kong

Math Resource

Below are some of the resources parents and teachers can use to help and teach kids math.

New way to teach Math to kids

Kids Math Resource Sites

WikiHow Teach Math

Homeschool Math

10 Math apps for kids

Teach Math FUN